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“We have come from God, and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God. Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming 'sub-creator' and inventing stories, can Man aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall. Our myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily towards the true harbour, while materialistic 'progress' leads only to a yawning abyss and the Iron Crown of the power of evil.”



Beauty and the Beast x Bethyl


Fassbender in ‘12 years a slave’


"I gotta get out of this place. Someday, I’m getting on that train…"


nutella espresso mousse brownies.


nutella espresso mousse brownies.


Couple Married 61 Years Ago Takes “Up” Inspired Anniversary Photos via

I fall in love with the people who hurt me more deeply.
I figure, no one else knows me better.
Gerrit Henry, from “The Confessions of Gerrit II,” in The American Poetry Review (Vol. 36, No. 6, November/December 2007)


Kordale And Kaleb, Gay Black Fathers, Respond To Twitter Outrage Over Instagram Photos | HuffPost Gay Voices

A photo of two gay fathers has gone viral on the Internet — but maybe not for the reasons that you would expect.

lotr + character death (requested by ahoytauriel)